marzec 2011

About the book

Beata, a psychologist from Chicago and a run-away bride, leaves town to escape not only her relationship going stale, but also her mother who was just committed to a psychiatric ward.

Robert, Polish non-practicing mathematician and accidental hacker, divorces his transsexual wife, leaves his old friends and presses the "reset" button on his life. Again.

They meet in Seattle at CounterVision Corporation, an information security company that employs the best hackers money can buy. Fast paced action, many adventures, complications and choices test not only our characters' feelings, but also security of the Internet.

Robert's accidental discovery and an independent journalistic investigation question intentions and integrity of CounterVision's marketing methods. But that's nothing, compared to what Beata and Robert experience during a trip to visit Beata's mother and on subsequent visit to Washington, DC.

Will the new love be the wonder cure for old nightmares?